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March 14 2017

A.J.'s Gyros To Go shared One Country's post.

One Country

One Country

March 14 2017

Hysterical!!!!   although technically still not right!!   one is yeeroS and more than one is yeeree!!   The Greeks do not have the same method of pluralizing as the English language!

One Country

One Country

March 13 2017

Sorry guys, I am going to call it for today, this snow is not helping business at all.  See you tomorrow

February 26 2017
February 20 2017

It's going to be a lovely week!   Make sure you stop by.

February 2 2017

OK Well I am opening for the season on Friday, 17th February at 11:00am.  May have to close for the odd snow day, but hoping the weather stays mild.

January 26 2017
Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

I am putting this on my business page in the hope that a lot of people will share it. Over 15000 saw my weekend pop up post.
Monday 23rd January my chihuahua, Andy was last seen in my driveway at 441 Rocky Meadow RD NE.  New Salisbury. He has either been taken or something has happened you him. If the person who took him sees this  or if you know someone who has just acquired a chihuahua and it is Andy please please just drop him off at the top of my driveway.  We just want him back!. Or text  

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