October 23 2017

Yesterday was the last day of AJ's as we know it!! I have to say that when I switched the open sign to off for the very last time it was an emotional moment. The new owners are Mickie and Kerry Karcher and they are very nice. They are changing the name of the business, but have vowed to keep the gyros just as they are now. They are even going to call them AJs Gyros!!!! i am very touched for the outpouring of well wishes I have received over the last month since I first announced that I was selling the business. I appreciate each and every one of you who visited AJs over the last 14 seasons. The gyros count ended at 93 855!! Again, thank you all for your business and support. Joe and I will miss you!

October 20 2017

Weather looks great for our last weekend,  see you there!

October 18 2017

5 days and counting!

October 14 2017

AJs penultimate weekend.  Be there!

October 8 2017

Remember the weekend of 21st/22nd October will be our last weekend ever!!  Come and help us go out with a bang!!

October 8 2017

Remember next weekend is our last weekend ever! Be sure to stop by and help me go out with a bang!



October 5 2017

A.J.'s Gyros to Go being sold after 13 years in business

September 29 2017

Pumpkin  shakes are here

September 29 2017

Pumpkin shakes and flurries!

September 21 2017

After much deliberation I have decided to sell AJ's.  I would like to sell at the end of this Season.  I would hope that whomever takes it over carries on the gyros tradition.  Serious enquirers can message me on the AJS page or text me on...  

September 17 2017

Our last day of the season will be Sunday 22nd, October.